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Hi, I am Marlon Schipper. Nice to meet you! I am student Industrial Design at Saxion University in Enschede. Currently I am working on my graduation project at Hülsta in Stadtlohn, Germany. This is a high quality furniture company. Design is a big influence in my life. It gives inspiration in every kind of way, that sets my mood and brings me new ideas. Music, another big passion of mine, gives me positive energy and I am always looking for a solution to bring music and design together. Without a positive and humorous vibe the day isn't complete. With this all together I would love to give you and your company a positive contribution.

Research & Idea Visualization

Graphics & Sketching

Materialisation & Realisation


Saxion University of Applied Sciences


2009 - current / Becoming the creative industrial designer that I am. This education introduced me in the world of design, materials and creating stuff by myself. Besides gathering a lot of knowledge, I have worked on different projects, with different creative minds and learned by trying, even when the idea was just little. I got in touch with the most interesting people during this education. Teachers who has worked at interesting companies before, start-up companies and people with their specific opinion on the development world. Interesting subjects: "Presentation Packaging / Dick Moby; designing a packaging to present the product on the best possible way" "Personal Effectiveness and Communication; subject about learning more about yourself and using those aspects on an effective way using books by Stephen Covey" "Wood- and Metalworking; in the years of education I have learned how to create a product or idea out of wood , plastic or metal"

The Research Centre for Design & Technology


2013 - 2014 / Learning about research and design. The Research Centre for Design & Technology is located at Saxion in Enschede. At this place different disciplines come together for research, which will be used by different studies. As introduction Janina (another Intern for Industrial Design) and I completed a website for "Ontwerpen voor Zorgverleners". For the website launch I developed a role-play tool combined with information about the website. After that introduction of the Research Centre, I started with a project called "Virtual Fitting Mirror", what was part of the Virtual Expectation, Physical Experience. My job was to create a mirror, which should be used for research. The essence of the mirror was adding virtual options during the fitting session of the customer (who is using the mirror). This could be a matching background or adding lights on different places in the fitting room. With my research I created a setting of a camera, beamer and canvas. This concept will be build by the next interns and their are doing research with it.

Dutchap B.V.


2012 - 2013 / First big steps in the world of a designer. At Dutchap B.V. I got the assignment to design the housing of a beer filtration system. This concept is developed by H. Kleizen, who is supporting me at one or two days in a week. His brother, G. Kleizen, owns the company where I work on my assignment. Kleizen B.V. is a company, which makes molds for casting companies. Therefor they have a workplace and different milling machines. I had my own office, but could learn a lot from the employees. During my assignment I learned a lot about the whole (beer filtration) process and there were some components which I had to design besides the housing. It was really interesting and I learned a lot about the whole business industry. Besides that, I helped Kleizen B.V. with there choice for a 3D printer, the chosen printer got there when I wasn't there anymore, but some components (for Dutchap B.V.) were being printed and used for the beer filtration system.

Intersport Megastore Hengelo


2011 - 2015 / Give the customers their best experience. At the Intersport Megastore, I was the one who could be placed anywhere in the store to help customers or make the store look better. I really like the fact that I could give the customers some positive energy and help they them with what they are looking for. That also includes giving information about all the different and specific products, which could be found in the store. We had a really great and energizing team, with a great atmosphere. I have learned a lot about communication and being responsible spokesperson in front of the customer.

Pius X College

HAVO Student

2003 - 2009 / My secundaire eduction.

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What do you think? I'm curious about your opinion or ideas and I'm always in for a discussion. As a designer I love to receive as much constructive advice as I can get. So, let me know if something pops up in your mind or if you just want to say hi.

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