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  • culture centered design


    Diving into a brand, to get the know the brand. What were the thoughts and what similarities could be found in a totally different direction? These questions will be answered in the research I did. This research was about Braun and a hairdryer. First I searched for similarities with air, wind and gravity. How could […]

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  • Dick Moby / sustainable sunglasses


    Design a packaging for a random product, which should totally fits the product. This assignment brought me more than I expected. By my search for a relevant product, I found¬†Dick Moby¬†and their story. The sustainable sunglasses are made out of bio-plastic acetate and 10% of their revenu will go to the Surfriders Foundation. Besides that, […]

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  • Alessi / level


    The design of a spirit level was a project in the first year of my education at Saxion Enschede. By choosing a company with a great en good visual design, it was the assignment to design a spirit level. This spirit level must fit in the range of products made by the chosen company. After […]