What a year. A year full of changes, struggles, finding myself, chasing dreams, concerts and clumsy moments. A year where I met a lot of lovely and interesting people. People who I’ll call friends now. This year I found myself back by moving to Berlin, not only found myself, also found a wonderful place to live. A year in which I cried a lot and even smiled more.

At the beginning of this year, I made a list of goals for 2017. Time to reflect.

During living, I find a lot of things that make me smile. What/who are these things? I wrote a couple of them down, since there is way too much to smile about.

GOALS 2017

  1. peace in my mind - Kind of. I am aware that everything will happen, because it has to happen. It’s the universe. Besides that, most of the time, I just have no clue and that is totally fine. I follow what feels good. Against that, is a part of me that perfectly knows what it wants and how things need to be. This combination fits me and gives me peace, I guess.
  2. find a job in Berlin - yup
  3. capture more situations where I find beauty - yup. Most of them you can find on the website. If you want more personal stuff. Follow my stories on Instagram ;)
  4. buy a good (system) camera - yup
  5. create a ‘Marlon’ life - yup. My life is always been a Marlon life and this developed just further here in Berlin. A process what will go on and on.
  6. read more books - uhhh, sometimes
  7. find a place for my creativity - I didn’t found one place. I found a couple places and every day I get new ideas. I am happy that I found my creativity back this year and am loaded with I ideas. This of course is something that needs time.
  8. write more birthday cards - I wrote some, but not as much as I wanted.
  9. think about my health - sometimes, but heh, still alive
  10. workout - yup. running along the Landwehr Kanal is one of my favorite activities
  11. don’t buy something that doesn’t sparkle to me - yup. I feel happy to not buy that much stuff and be happy with all that I have. Or just make something myself, even better.
  12. get more tattoos - yup

Yup. I am happy with what 2017 brought me. But still, enough things that need development. Luckily.

  • and you? Did you set some goals for 2017? How did these went?


I think I can call myself lucky. There are a lot of things that make me happy and feel unbelievably lucky - especially here in Berlin. I just wrote some important ones down. Some might mean shit to you, that is definitely possible, but I already get a smile be reading them. These things make Berlin even a better a place to me.

  • der Landwehr Kanal
  • slides
  • Jones, Tante Biggie & Zola
  • finding art everywhere
  • going to a concert by bike or walking
  • späti
  • the Bite Club
  • flohmarkets
  • dogs everywhere
  • yellow
  • classic/vintage/old cars
  • foods from all over the world
  • nature

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