A lighting called Tucker. Developed while searching for the perfect light for my house. It has a simple but elegant design which gives every room that something extra. You also can find it in the shop.

dick moby - sustainable sunglasses

A project about the presentation of the sustainable sunglasses brand Dick Moby (located in Amsterdam). With the influence of the both Dick Moby founders, I designed and made a presentation piece, where the Dick Moby story could be told with.

graduation project / Hülsta

'How to satisfy the customer by its need to change the interior without damaging the environment?' This question was the guideline through my graduation project. I developed a closet which doest not have a solid design and is in that case useable by people with different desires for their interior. It was a long and heavy search for the best solution, which guided me to the ultimate design. I also learned a lot about myself and what I am capable off.

vinyl stool / table

I wanted more products in my home which totally fit me as a person. That's why I came to the idea making this table (or stool, what you like it to be) out of an old vinyl record. Also I make other different product out of not used vinyl records.

culture centered design

Which will come out when you pick a company and combine it with a product? The process of future predictions by the company and finding out how the product will look like, could be find in this report. Please contact me, for more information and documentation.


Since 2013, every year, I design my own calendar for the upcoming year. Something I was looking for and what would fit perfectly in my house. Of course I'll make these for someones, who needs this in their house.

website launch toolkit 

During my internship at the Designcentre for Technology I developed a toolkit. This toolkit complete the launch presentation of a website, which I and another intern filled with information. A role play was part of this launch and with the toolkit, people are able to do the role play by their selves. Besides that, information about this website could be found on the toolkit.

interface re-design including an article

The current hodometer is an outdated product, which got an update. We developed a new interface for the product and did some research with this updated product. About the result I wrote an article for Product (magazine, not for publishing).

take away barbecue

A barbecue which you can bring to your park-party. It has all the accessories you need and it even has some space to store additional stuff. It's developed for this occasion in mind, where the barbecue should not damage the ground beneath it and you don't have problems with taking it with you.

vinyl products

My love for vinyl grounded about 15 years ago. My dad showed me his record collection and within no time his record player has found its home at my room. Since then I kept adding vinyl to my collection. I also received a lot records, which were not the types I listen to.

So, these get a better live. As a stool, etagère, bowl or mailbox. This list keeps growing and I am always looking for new ways to use vinyl in products and solve problems with it.

internship at Dutchap B.V.

This internship was all about responsibilities and a beer filtration system. By designing the housing of a developed proces, I learned a lot about the whole proces. I also had to take care of the company, while most of the time I was the only one, responsible for the company. During this internship, I was located at Kleizen B.V. in Hengelo, this is an model workplace for molds, where I learned much about. Besides that, I helped the company with their choice for a 3d-printing machine.

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