photoreport #9 / #asundaycarpic

Who already knows me a little, knows that when I turn my head and sound like 'woeeeeh' or maybe 'gohhòòòh', a really great car or motor is passing by. Not especially a fast car, not a expensive car. No, I like old, classic cars, which still have that sound, yes you know, that old car sound. Does that have a name?

Since I take my camera with me, at every trip I will make a photo of a car standing there, in the beautiful streets of Berlin. Or somewhere else passing me by. Which makes me having a bunch of carpics and what to do best with it, than making a blog?! Geh, that's what I thought!

#asundaycarpic is the hashtag for a picture of a car, posted on Sunday on Instagram, as you can guess. Most of my Sunday-placed photos, are photos of a cars or motors. A great way of sharing these beauties, but sometimes it is good to collect all of these, and more, for one blog post.

So, this is a gathering of the most beautiful cars I found the last couple months, including a trip to the Berlin Classic Car Days. The most special cars found a place on Kurfürstendamm, where you could look at them and asked the owners, if you wanted to. A great day for me to stroll around there and take some pictures.

- For now, check it out! Please let me know, what is you favorite? 

2 years ago


  1. Ha Marlon, thanks for the nice pictures, I like “Evas beans”
    Dat had je natuurlijk ook kunnen bedenken? Ga zo door. Liefs mam?

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