photoreport #8 / May

If you ask me, months are flying by really, really fast. Since a few days it already is summer, which you unfortunately cannot see by the weather, but yes summer! This means May is almost 2 months ago, but never to late to show you some photos I made that month. 

May started, as you probably now, with 1. May. In Germany this means a bank holiday and a lot of music and parties. Especially in Kreuzberg. After work we went for some drinks and enjoyed the good atmosphere. 

The first weekend of May was planned to go on a biking trip to Schöneweide. We took a boat over the water and it seemed like we were biking through little villages. We were on our way to the Reinbeckhallen, because of a photo exhibition from Sibylle Bergemann. Very interesting and besides that was it a really beautiful location. In another part of the building, we found the Festival of fine and applied arts, which I loved even more. When you check the photos, you will find a touch of Kensington. 

That weekend ended with a good conversation with myself. Unbelievable happy with everything that is happening, where I am at this moment and all the sweet people around me! I biked through Treptowerpark and found a spot at Insel der Jugend, perfect for a sunny day. 

Another weekend I made a walk through the always looking good Kreuzberg. Which ended up grabbing some donuts and ice-coffee at Brammibal's Donuts, after a walk over the Maybachufer-Flohmarkt.

The other two weekends of this month I was at a Abandoned place, of which you can the photos here and chilling at the Landwehrkanal. 

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