photoreport #7 / Chemiewerk + Ballhaus

Did you know Berlin has a lot of abandoned places? These places were used in the past, but nowadays Berlin has no money to renovate or to break down those buildings. These are the perfect spots to explore, make photos and just wander around. It is not legal, but most of the time you are not the only one exploring the building or place. It made me feel like a happy kid again, searching for special details and climbing around.

Together with some friends I visited Chemiewerk and the Ballhaus. Chemiewerk is an old chemistry factory, with different buildings. The whole area was abandoned and in the different building you could see how the chemicals damaged the building. Beautiful and very impressive. 

Besides the photos I made during our visit at Chemiewerk, Danny also made some really beautiful photos! 

The Ballhaus has a total different vibe than Chemiewerk had. Chemiewerk was more darker and  had a lonesome feeling. The Ballhaus has a very romantic feeling. The curtains were still hanging in the big ballroom and the building had a lot of special details. You could find so many details about this place, which made it easy to imagine how this looked like when it was in use. 

- Do you have a great place to go urban exploring? yes? Please let me know! 

1 year ago

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