photoreport #6 / April – friends & music

Summer is arrived! At this moment in Berlin, the weather is beautiful and the summer seems really here to stay. This wasn't the last couple weeks really the same. Looking back at some time ago, it seemed like the summer was already here. Two weekends I had a friend coming over for music and some fun!

As I mentioned, it seemed like the summer was already here! The sun was shining and we actually could wear some shorts. The first weekend René came to visit me and also was the first person who saw my house, since I moved in here. We had time to walk around, talk a lot and enjoy enjoy a band which we both really like, Navarone. During the pre-concert-diner at Zola, Marjolein joined us and she was also present at the concert.

Since this weekend was also a pleasure to be outside, I planned on visiting the Thai Park at the Preussenpark in Wilmersdorf. At sundays this is the place where all thai-mama's come together to cook and sell their delicious food to all visitors of the park. You just can come by and order food at their humble stands. After a food-photoshoot we enjoyed the food and some beer! We ended our weekend by grabbing a ice cream at Jones, YUM!

The next weekend I had another concert planned, this concert Wouter and I had planned some time ago, since he couldn't join me seeing RY X in Utrecht last December. We were lucky that this man and his beautiful voice announced a very special concert in Berlin. Very special, because in this concert he was supported by the 'Deutschen Kammerorchestra' in the Konzerthaus. This chique venue wasn't really a normal gig, we couldn't really dance or move, but we just chilled in our seats. Without, yes without a beer. Unfortunately we couldn't bring our beer during the concert.

The reset of the weekend we strolled through Berlin and as a finish we enjoyed a really, really good breakfast at Nest!

The rest of the added photos are made on some lovely days during of this month. I was at the Treptower park and saw the abandoned park at Plänterwald.

And I made a walk through pretty Prenzlauer Berg. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this long photoreport! I will end this report with the place I love the most in Berlin, der Landwehrkanal ♥!

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