photoreport #4 / March – house, friends & family

Liebe, liebe Menschen. Finally back with some new photos and an update about how I am doing in the city where I feel totally Marlon. In the mean-time a lot of happend and by showing some photos, I will tell you something about that. Family came over, my best friend was here and I found my new home!

The last few weeks (and months) I had so many special moments and I am very thank full for every moment. The first time I really had some visitors, who were also sleeping at my place, were my lovely Mom and Dad. We didn't plan too much, but created time to just talk about every what happened and just laugh!

Of course they wanted to see the places where I felt most at home and love to go. This ment, we ate some pizza at Zola (yum!), drunk coffee at Five Elephant (including their briljant cheesecake), walked along the Landwehrkanal, seeing some touristic stuff and finished with an amazing breakfast at Aunt Benny.

This weekend was really important to me and I can't thank those wonderful people enough. So,  again a big THANK YOU !!

After such a great weekend, it was time for another great weekend. My best friend came over, we laughed like we always do and talked a lot! This was also the first time I really felt like a tourist, posing in front of buildings and taking weird selfies. But, what a fun we had! We did some shopping, walked through the beautiful streets of Berlin and ate a lot of good things (like, of course, the best burger at Tante Biggie). 


Can't wait until the next time we see each other again. Tot snel Suus!

Aaaaaaaand, last but not least, this month I got my own little space in Berlin! Every day it feels more and more like home and I already made it a really 'Marlon' place. Already I have some sneak-peeks for you! Which also means that better and more photos are coming within some time, don't worry :). 

So, when visiting Berlin for some reason, give me a call. We can listen to some vinyl or drink a coffee at my place! 

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  1. Wat een heerlijke foto’s weer, zo leuk om te zien hoe jij Berlijn beleeft!! Nu nog vaker buiten de ring kijken, dan komt het helemaal goed! ;-)

    1. Lieve Emma, danke! Ik merk al dat ik toen nog veel minder foto’s maakte, komt ook allemaal :)! hahaha precies, nog veel exploring om te doen!

  2. Super woman making super pics
    Keep up the good work
    En ik zie dat je mijn gele ballonnetje terug hebt gevonden??

    1. Dank Rob! Ga ik absoluut doen!
      Hahah, dank voor de ballon, het was even zoeken, maar uiteindelijk gevonden :)!

  3. Wat gaaf Marlon, foto’s zijn ook allemaal geweldig ! Super dat je het zo naar je zin hebt !
    Lekker genieten geblazen :)
    Dikke kus van Arjan en Andrea ;)

    1. Ha Arjan en Andrea!

      Super dank voor jullie lieve reactie!
      Hoop dat het ook goed gaat bij jullie.

      Veel liefs M!

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