photoreport #20 / February & March

Winter or Spring? Berlin still doesn't know. The last two months I enjoyed some spring days in between all those winter days. I am looking forward to the spring. The vibe that Berlin has when it's spring, puts a smile on my face. And not only on mine. On those spring moments last months, suddenly everybody goes out and put their faces in the sun.

My yellow friend - Michael the Bicycle or Mike the Bike (for friends) - got his first ride end of March. We drove to Tempelhof where there was a lot of space to race around, literally. What a feeling.

On one of those winter days I went to SKALAR, more about that, you can find here.

The happening which putted the biggest smile on my face, were the jokes that dad was making and the nice conversations I had with mom. These unbelievable amazing people came to visit me. We walked and talked a lot. While during that, we visited my favorite spots in the city and ate some nice food. Thanks for the wonderful moments!

1 year ago

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