photoreport #2 / getting used to this life – job – birthday

I guess it's time for an update, right? The last weeks went so fast and so much happend, that I really need to write it down and take some time to reflect. I will tell you something about the most important things that happened these weeks, how I felt and off course I have some photos to show you!

  1. job / YAY! The most important thing, to get more stability during my days. I did a lot of solicitations and within a quite short time I found my first job. I start working at the Customer Care of Sony, think it is a good way to build on a base for my living here.
  2. mitbewohnerin Berlin / by getting a job, a lot of official stuff needs to get fixed. What of course is always needed, but that doesn't mean it's great when it all comes at the same moment. Last week was not only full of information gathering during the training at work, no, my evenings I used to get familiar with the german system of insurances, renting houses and how to become a real habitant from Berlin (/Germany). Heavy stuff, but since friday morning I may say that I am official 'Mitbewohner von Berlin'! Hurray to that! - Thanks to the lovely people who helped my with all of this!
  3. birthday / Besides that hurray, it was time for my birthday. Last Sunday I turned 26 and of course that needed to be celebrated with some pie and beers. Saturday evening and night, me and some friends drank some beers. It couldn't be a better celebration - Thanks! After that, the Sunday was spend with just walking though this more than amazing city and enjoying everything around me. Besides that I got some messages and time to FaceTime with my biggest friend - Tucker.
  4. balance / all those changes aren't very good when you want to get balance in your life. Or in the beginning not, when everything falls in place, I think it will bring me some balance. The fact that am working every day and have the weekend to do all the fun stuff, gives me something to hold on to. First step to balance I guess, so for now,  it is good and well will see how this develops the next weeks :)!

And now time for some photos.

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