photoreport #19 / SKALAR

SKALAR - art installation by Christopher Bauder & Kangding Ray | Kraftwerk Berlin

If you ask me, Kraftwerk is the perfect location for anything. Especially art. This industrial space has a raw feeling and makes everything sound very cold.

In this space they build an art installation that is made out of mirrors, which were moving perfect synchronized to the sound system. Light artist Christopher Bauder is responsible for the installation and musician Kangding Ray added a multi-dimensional sound. 

Today I really needed time for myself and this was the perfect place to let my ass rest on the concrete floor and enjoy the installation. I was thinking, shooting photos and letting go of those thoughts by just adapting all that was happening there. I can say that this is a perfect relaxing and inspiring place to visit. 

A couple of those photos I will show you here. If you wanna visit yourself, you'll have to hurry. It is only open until the 25th of February. 

1 month ago

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