From old to new. I share with you how I ended 2017 and started 2018. Including some days in the Netherlands, for a very, very special occasion.

December started with a design Christmas market, where I went to with Marjolein and Eva. At the Rodeo Design Weihnachtsmarkt you could find a lot of local designers and products. Like some winter alcohol and nice jewelry. Just around the corner is BRLO located, which also had a Christmas evening, with the most delicious 'Glühwein' - I didn't know that I would like Glühwein so much.

Then, it was time to head back to the Netherlands, where dad and I for the first time in years could visit the recordings of the Top 2000. Both we jumped as high as we could at the moment we received the invitation. After so many years of trying, this year it finally was going to happen!

I had some quality time with friends, my brothers and both of my parents. Aaaaaaand of course with my best friend, Tucker. Good to see him again! Some of the photos aren't in the quality you normally expect, since I didn't took my camera with me the whole time.

After that it was time for Christmas, the TOP2000 and changing from old to new year. This was the first time I didn't spend this time in the Netherlands, especially with the TOP2000 it was a little weird. The good thing was, that that list made me really feel connected, especially to my dad. Which who I share the love for that list. Even now that we are further apart from each other than ever before, I felt really connected. At 27th of December our episode of the Top2000 a gogo, we were shinen on TV. That resulted in a lot of messages from all different people. So lovely! Of course it was hilarisch and cool to watch it back. Unfortunately you can't watch it back anymore.

I started 2018 with a lot of walks through beautiful and cold Berlin. Together with Marjolein and Kai, I made a photowalk through Wedding, to spot some pretty buildings and an old train track.

Besides photos with my Fuji camera, I bought a analog one, which I took with me during a walk through Prenzlauerberg. The results of that test round, you can find here.

The last thing that I want to mention is another thing that is added to this new year, are evening walks with the lovely Krista! After work or in the morning when it is weekend, we meet and go for a walk. To clear our minds and discuss different issues we have. Thanks Krista - off to more of those lovely moments and all that fresh air.

During the whole report, you will find some photos of me. They are shot by Marjolein or Kai, thanks Lieben! Here you find some beautiful stories by Eva!

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