A monthly update, but this time with two months. October and November were about the last Bite Club, festival of Lights and my Little Sis was visiting town.

This last Bite Club was a special edition, it was all about the European Foodtruck Awards. Two days of trying food from all different countries. Including my favorite ice-cream from Jones and ‘stroopwafels’ from Good Cookies, a foodtruck from the Netherlands. Sad that we all have to wait for the spring, before enjoying another edition of the Bite Club. Yes - they have this year a winter-edition, but unfortunately that weekend I am not in Berlin.

On the 3rd of October it was the Tag der Deutschen Einheit. Together with Marjolein I went to the Brandenburger Tor, where the biggest party was. A typical German one, with Bratwurst, beer and a Ferris wheel. We took a look over Berlin and walked around in this part of Berlin. The weather was beautiful, which resulted in a wonderful sky and a rainbow at some point.

You also can find some photos of me, walking through the streets I love so much and where I find a lot of beauty and architectural pieces.

Then, it was time for my cousin to visit me in Berlin. It was December last year that I saw this amazingly cool person for the last time. We had a lot to talk about, since I was moved to Berlin and she did a internship in Africa. I loved this weekend! We laughed, talked about all things and I showed her some of my favorites of this city. Looking forward seeing my Little Sis again :)!

At the end of this story, you will find some photos of the exhibition hosted by friends of me - Welcome to the Errordome. Featuring some photos Thibault made of me.

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