You probably know that Berlin has a lot of places which are not used anymore. I mean, not used as they where meant to be used. A lot of those places are abandoned and it sometimes is a struggle to visit. Teufelsberg is such a place. It also is a place which is very known by people, which makes it not really an abandoned place. It also has an entrance (with a Dixie, yay! Rock Werchter feelings), so no struggle to get in.

On a perfect Thursdayafternoon, or a afternoon that turned out to be really pretty, we went to Teufelsberg. It first didn't seem to be that pretty, but as I can trust myself often, that sun I was hoping for, of course came to say hi.

After a 30 min walk through some woods and up that little mountain, we reached the buildings. The building are filled with graffiti and a lot of mess all around. These were originally used by the NSA as spystation and are located in West-Berlin. They are direct recognizable by its specific design, which makes it very cool in the middle of the nature.

At the time we reached those buildings on top of the mountain, the sun came out and that resulted in these pictures :) . After the visit, we walked back with sunset just happening. Hope you all enjoy the pictures I took! I definitely go back for a longer stay, maybe with some snow on the side.

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