Sweet September. The weather was good, I had nice people around me and there was a lot to do. Berlin was a perfect place to be in September, I will show you.

But, can you first tell a bit about the month Marlon? - Yes I can.

I went to the IFA - Internationale Funkaustellung Berlin - to check the presentation of the new SONY products, together with a lot, really a lot of new technical products. It was fun and interesting.

As always I walked a lot and enjoy the good weather, since we had some lovely warm autumn days. What also was warm, was the coffee that was served at the Coffee Festival at Markthalle Neun. It was a pleasure to try those different coffees including my all time favorite coffee from Five Elephant.

And then, it was time for a weekend I will remember with a big heart around it. The lovely Cecile came over for the weekend. We had the best conversations, food and it was great to see her again. That weekend it was also time for Lollapalooza, yay! Lollapalooza is also the start of another great friendship, with the sweet Marjolein. We met each other there two years ago and I loved to share this years festival again with her. The three of us enjoyed the festival to the fullest, as you can read here. With a amazingly big smile I think back to this weekend.

The last weeks of september it was time for the opening of the the Urban Nation museum. Where they gathered a lot of art from street artist in Berlin. The opening was beautiful even as the museum itself. That weekend and week before it was the Berlin Art Week. I unfortunately didn't see a lot of what was organized, but went to the STATION in Berlin, where a big exhibition was.

Hope you all enjoy the photos of this month :)

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