A month where you could feel that the summer is coming to an end and the autumn is ready to start. For you I have a collection of photos with a lot of buildings and architecture. Something that, together with cars, I take the most pictures of.

August was very special to me, because two of the most amazing idiots were visiting me. These men I miss a lot. You can imagine that I was very happy and full of excitement that there where visiting me. Who? I am talking about my lovely dad and little brother, Alfred & Robin. We drank some beer, ate a burger, laughed a lot and had great conversations. It was so amazing to have them here and show them the place I am living and where I am lot. They also took a good friend of me with them, my lovely yellow bike. Which means, after that weekend, me, my big smile and that yellow friend were together in Berlin a lot of times.

In August I celebrated the birthday of Kees with a nice BBQ on Tempelhof. It was also time for the Lange Nacht der Museen. A evening together with Marjolein. We visited several museums, which was possible with one card. Some museums had special exhibitions and around the Berliner Dom was the atmosphere great and filled with people.

At the last days of this month I visited a bike market, where Marjolein found a beautiful blue friend, which she took home with her. Together with my yellow friend, we enjoyed a very special Bite Club edition. This was a vegan edition on the Funkhaus terrain. Yummy food and a lovely atmosphere. Off to September and the colorful autumn.

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