This old factory was the already the perfect spot to take pictures, but for Olympus this wasn’t enough to give people the chance to try their cameras. This resulted in different artistic objects, which are all interactive in a different way. Some are moving or reacting on sound. Others you can walk through or make pictures on.

Light was the most important aspect of those objects and installations. Light was reflecting or giving a beautiful shadow, which gave you every time a new perspective of the situation. Aha, that's where the name is coming from.

I definitely want to give my compliments to Olympus for this great promotional idea. What is better than try a camera before you would buy one? That is btw not what Marjolein and I did, while we were there. We took our own camera with us, which resulted in very creative, but also funny pictures!

This playground is still open until 24th of September, so hurry if you want to see this by yourself or with the lens of your camera.

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