photoreport #10 / June – holiday in The Netherlands

Oh shit. It's already August. Time is going fast, I am feeling fine and there is always enough to do. But, there is also time for looking back. In this case, looking back at June. That month started in The Netherlands and also ended there.

I was back for the mighty Pinksterfeesten Bornerbroek. The special thing was, that this was the first time I was going back, since I am living now in Berlin. Very special to see my best friends, parents, brothers and a bunch of other lovely people. I call myself very lucky and that weekend even more. So again, a big thanks to those lovely persons.

The end of June I spent in The Netherlands as a holiday. Ha! Yes, holiday at my parents house. I also went to Rock Werchter, with the most beautiful people. For the sixth year in a row I went to Werchter with a group of friends, which I always feel fine with and have a lot of fun with. You can read more about Werchter here.

All other photos I shot here in Berlin. During the Ice Cream market at Markthalle Neun, during a boat trip with Marjolein and while I am biking and strolling through this beautiful city.

2 years ago

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