photoreport #21 / April and May

Two months, in which happened quiet a lot. Where i will tell you shortly about, after that you will find the pictures supporting that. In these analog series you will find pictures of these months: this , this and this one.

As usual i went out for some nice walks. Some walks alone, some with Krista and a nice walk on the hunt for blossom with Eva.

Beside walking i did some biking, at a specific day i went with two friends to the bike fair on Tempelhof, called VELOberlin. We saw a lot of incredible nice bikes - 8BAR is heaven - which we in the best case would have taken home. Unfortunately we weren't that lucky.

What also happened these months, are photo sessions with the lovely Thibault. This good friend of mine takes unbelievable beautiful pictures and has good skills as a model. You also will find some pics he took, that are the ones with me on the pic, as you probably understand. Some of the pictures i took, can also be found in the analogue series.

The busiest moment was the weekend i was in the Netherlands. Thanks to all the friends and family who i had the chance to see and talk to, it was a pleasure. Specifically i was back in Nl for the wedding of the beautiful Stefanie and Tony, which was magical and where we danced a lot.

The day after, i was at my parents where we celebrated both birthdays and their 35th wedding anniversary. Which was a good moment to drink some beers with the two little brothers of mine. Also, i saw there a lot of family, neighbours and friends of my parents, which i haven't seen since i moved.

After a lot of cuddling with Tucker, it was time to go back and enjoy the already started summer in Berlin!

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