Yes. Excitement all over. There is a new part added to the website. Not just something - it is something where I never thought about this serious. It is something that I already had in me and really love, but never I was this aware of it. But Marlon, what are you talking about?

Interior Advice

As you can read in the title, I am going to help you with your interior. This can be anything what has something to do with your house and difficulties you might find during the proces of turning it into the place you've always dreamed of.

Cool, but why?

There are a lot of parts of my life coming together here. Starting at that little girl who always was drawing houses and its interior. On paper, from above. Don't know why, but I was always looking for that perfect solution.

Looking from above. Something I still do. Something I always do. The way I look at the world and situations is with an overview look. This is not something I knew or noticed by myself. But since I am aware of this, it makes life easier. I notice everything around me and can easily visualize how a situation will look.

Back to the interior. Design, furniture, and interior always had my interest. I am a big Pinterest lover, where I find inspiration. As long as I can remember I was thinking about how to change my room to the best possible way. And there were always a lot of ideas for my house to be.

Since I found a home, I am really happy how it looks and more important how it makes me feel. For me, this is an ongoing proces. Your house can't be the same for so many years. You as a person keep changing and I think it is important that your house reflects that. In a positive way. It also need to stimulate you. And help you, as much as possible.

This all started with my house. Friends told me that it became a nice place, which totally is 'Marlon' - me. I have a really high feeling why something has to be on a exact spot and what I like to add to my furniture. Besides that, I am really creative with all the things I have - or not have. When I am looking for a solutions, I take a look around and find some way to solve this. No matter what the issue is.

What makes me come to this. It seems not really easy for everybody to find those solutions. Or find the optimal layout of the space you'll have. What is better than just help you with this?

Ah, right, you can use some help?

That's great. Then I am the guy for you. 

This has of course nothing to do with how I would design that house of yours. It has something to do with you. What inspires you? What gives you motivation and peace? What are your wishes and expectations? 

With that information I am going to develop a plan for you. Check this

Back to the things that are coming together at this moment. There are two more things that are very important to me the last years.

Environment and optimal usage of space.

I am really aware of what is happening around me and how the world is changing. The focus of a lot of projects I did in the past, were about environment. How to make people aware of this and I did collaborations with companies who support this.

This awareness is an development of years and gives me meaning to design products, make my choices and design my interior. There are so many ways to help the environment, for example by buying a really pretty sunglasses (Dick Moby) or sleeping in a sustainable tent at a Festival (Festipi).

For me it is really important to start with yourself and do whatever in your possibilities is. Luckily there are so many different options to do this by creating and updating your house.

  • recycle your furniture
  • sustainability - investing in the right companies
  • be creative with everything you have
  • go to flea markets - get recycled furniture and accessories

What it even harder makes to make the right choices, is the space that we have to call our home. The space we are having, is getting more expensive or we've got less space for the money we spend. This makes it more important to use the space as optimal as possible.

At Hülsta - a German furniture company - we looked at this (upcoming) issue and the ongoing changes in the housing market. Because of my solution seeking and creative mind, it is really interesting for me to dive into these issues.

What even more interesting is, is that so many things are coming together, as you can read. I - really - never thought that all these thing would come together like this. But, I LOVE IT! 

And now?

Yes, I don't know. Maybe I know. It's in your hands. What are your struggles? How can I help you? Do you know somebody who will need my help? Or maybe you have something else to tell me?

I would love to hear from you!

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