music on friday / No.11

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for friday, besides the fact that for the most of us the weekend starts here, on a friday many albums got released. So, for a music lover like me, it's a day full of listening to new albums and picking up some records I pre-ordered at my favorite recordstore. (no other than Popeye in Hengelo) On Fridays I will update this Spotify playlist with music which, I think, is worth listening to.

At a sunny day (hope it is sunny when you read this) it's time for a new update of my music on friday playlist. I will tell you something about three albums specific and the other added songs are coming from my Discover Weekly playlist at Spotify.

Navarone / Oscillation. This Dutch band is really rockin' and made an really great album, on which you can hear much different sounds. I hear Led Zeppelin, a bit of country, but mostly it would me defined as Navarone. They really created a sound for them selves! It is an album which you could listen easily a few times in a row and still it sounds great. My favorite track will be Free Together, because of the lyrics and lifting structure of the songs.

Drive Like Maria / Creator, Preserver, Destroyer. Another Dutch band with a fully own sounds. I also saw this band last year a few times. They were really kickin' it with their smashing guitar solo's and they you've got me! This album contains two previously released albums and is finished with the last part of songs.

Japandroids / Near To The Wild Heart Of Life. This is a totally new band to me. I bought last week a magazine about music here in Berlin, called SPEX. It got my attention by their graphic performance and the subject they were talking about. I definitely didn't make the wrong choice, love the magazine. The other great aspect is that I got to know Japandroids, a band from Canada and released just today their album. Even I am very excited what it will be.

So, did you listen to these albums already and what is your favorite?

- Did I totally forget something or should I check something out? Let me know :-)

2 years ago

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