music on friday / No.12

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for friday, besides the fact that for the most of us the weekend starts here, on a friday many albums got released. So, for a music lover like me, it's a day full of listening to new albums and picking up some records I pre-ordered at my favorite recordstore. (no other than Popeye in Hengelo, here in Berlin I am still looking for one I can call my favorite) On Fridays I will update this Spotify playlist with music which, I think, is worth listening to.

After some weeks no music on friday, this friday it is again time for some new music, including an updated spotify playlist. Since I haven't got a turntable here in Berlin, I also didn't really pick up any records. Only one at a concert from De Staat, but that is for now okay. When I have my own little home here in Berlin, I will move my turntable to here and of course all my records with it.

But, friday, which means a lot of new music, I will tell you about some new releases, where I am very excited about. The playlist will be filled with these and supplemented with some other music I am in at this moment.

Tokio Hotel - Yes. That band you hated or loved when you where a child. I really loved them and since two years now, I am listening to them again. At that time they released a new album and you can feel they we, same as me, grown up. This new album also sounds again better. A lot of catchy songs, probably that I am going to visit their concert here in Berlin.

Temples - Music to just dream away. It is a hell of a good album, haven't heard that much at this point, but what I heard, wow!

Ed Sheeran - Needed to be in this list, because I think worth listening too. Always curious which song wouldn't be a hit...

Jo Goes Hunting - I've seen this band in a kind of basement venue, really small, dark, but I created a good vibe and I think it was also in hands of this band. With this album I am back in this basement, enjoying their music. A band with a fully own sound, we'll what happen!

- Did I totally forget something or should I check something out? Let me know :-)

2 years ago

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