There are a lot of reasons to be excited for friday, besides the fact that for the most of us the weekend starts here, on a friday many albums got released. So, for a music lover like me, it's a day full of listening to new albums and picking up some records I pre-ordered at my favorite recordstore. (no other than Popeye in Hengelo, here in Berlin I am still looking for one I can call my favorite) On Fridays I will update this Spotify playlist with music which, I think, is worth listening to.

A friday with two totally different releases and some random tracks I bumped into. Beside those new releases, I finally received my vinyl of Broken Machine from Nothing Machine. This wonderful piece is marble-ish, half black and half white. And - since I ordered it from the band directly, I got it with the autographs on it. YAY!

- Oscar and The Wolf / Infinity

This band with one of the most sexy frontmen already brought two sexy song from this album, which I love to dance on. They are in two months coming to Berlin, so this album will be a perfect preparation for that night. Since I didn't hear this album yet, this is what I am going to do today.

- Shania Twain / NOW

You probably have heard of Shania Twain before. Man I feel like a woman? I think that will ring a bell. At this moment, I have no idea if I am going to listen to this album a lot, but she my first love - music wise. When I was a really small Marlonneke, I listened to her always and at the age of 13 I saw her at my first concert in Rotterdam. Man, that was overwhelming. Since that moment, don't know why, Michael Jackson came in my life and she lived her life further. Still I listen to her music, sometimes. With this history, I of course have to check this album. But, yeah, if she is going on tour and visit Berlin, what should I do?

- Did I totally forget something or should I check something out? Let me know :-)

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