There are a lot of reasons to be excited for friday, besides the fact that for the most of us the weekend starts here, on a friday many albums got released. So, for a music lover like me, it's a day full of listening to new albums and picking up some records I pre-ordered at my favorite recordstore. (no other than Popeye in Hengelo, here in Berlin I am still looking for one I can call my favorite) On Fridays I will update this Spotify playlist with music which, I think, is worth listening to.

This edition of music on friday will contain some new releases, but also the last music festival I was attending this year. Of course I am talking about Lollapalooza Berlin. But first, the new releases.

- Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine

This album was released last Friday, since that day I fell in love with it. Some songs, like Amsterdam and Sorry, I already heard on Rock Werchter and gave me so much power, that I couldn't wait for the album to be released. As you can imagine, I was not disappointed at all. The album contains only wonderful and powerful songs with the most cool guitar riffs. Can't wait for the guys to visit Berlin in November, so that I can hear all the songs live!

- Foo Fighters - Concrete & Gold

With this release I will already look back at last weekend, where Foo Fighters were performing at Lollapalooza. They also did a couple songs from the new album, from which I like Run the most. Can't believe those guys are still kicking so much ass and rocking all night long. This weekend I will listing to the new album and curious how it will sound.

And now, what did I like the most on Lollapalooza?

Besides the music I was in really good company. One of my best friends came over from the Netherlands to visit me. We had an amazing weekend and since she also really likes festivals and music, she joined. The other great company was Marjolein, which I met on this festival 2 years ago. Since then, we became friends and I love the friendship we build from that moment on. During the festival the three of us were also accompanied by the sweetest Eva and Joppe, which is always nice!

My three highlight from the festival are Bear's Den, Mumford & Sons and Foo Fighters. I sang with them, dreamed away and fully enjoyed the shows. A funny fact, which only can happen to me, was: when we were almost at home, the bumped into the guys from Bear's Den and had a lovely conversation. Such a pleasure!

- Did you ever been to Lollapalooza or would you like to go next year? 

- Did I totally forget something or should I check something out? Let me know :-)

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