music on friday / No.16

There are a lot of reasons to be excited for friday, besides the fact that for the most of us the weekend starts here, on a friday many albums got released. So, for a music lover like me, it's a day full of listening to new albums and picking up some records I pre-ordered at my favorite recordstore. (no other than Popeye in Hengelo, here in Berlin I am still looking for one I can call my favorite) On Fridays I will update this Spotify playlist with music which, I think, is worth listening to.

Hats! Time for a serve of new music on this Friday. At this moment I am waiting for vinyl coming from The Netherlands, ordered of course at Popeye. That still is my favorite place to buy my records, even now that I cannot physically can pick them up.

Two of those records are featured here. The War On Drugs and HAIM. HAIM's new album, Something To Tell You, is already released, but the vinyl record wasn't available. That also means I could already listen to it. Girl crush all over. Those sisters totally stole my heart with their voices, which sound perfect together. I am a person who knows that she not really likes women in music, but there are some exceptions. The HAIM sisters are some of those women who really rock and which I love!

The other record I am waiting for is the new album from The War On Drugs. A Deeper Understanding is it called and it is released today. The singles which they released the last time, made me look forward to this album and I also cannot see those guys live again. Yes! They are coming to Berlin in November! For now, I am dreaming away with the new album and the beautiful voice of Adam. Funny fact from myself, Adam remembers me of my dad, which makes me like this band even more.

The other two albums that are released today and I think they need to be checked, are albums by Triggerfinger and Queens of the Stone Age. Since they are released just today, I couldn't check them myself already. That also means I am really curious what you think about both albums? And of course also of the other two albums mentioned before. Have a great weekend listening to them!

- Did I totally forget something or should I check something out? Let me know :-)

2 years ago

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