We are almost at the end of 2016, which means it's about time to think about my goals for 2017! Something I find very hard to do. Not that I don't know anything, it's the opposite fact. I find it very difficult to make a selection out of the long list of things I would love to do!

But, I think it very necessary for me to now. This year, I had a tough time and made some heavy decisions. Sounds sad, but it isn't. Finally I can think about what's next and how I want to live my life. The biggest difference with 2015, is that I am not studying anymore, hooray! That also means I have no further commitments, or anything I need to do.

The whole world is open to explore and there are a lot of things I want to do. My mind is full of ideas, what I could do and what deserves my attention. But, where do I start?! I really don't know and that is exactly why I made a list of things that need my attention in 2017. Small things, but also things that maybe aren't clear at this moment.

  1. peace in my mind - because of the big changes last year, I really haven't a clue what I should do next. In that case, I have made the decision to spend the first months of 2017 in Berlin. Away from everything, to create space to think about what I think is really important and where I should focus on. Not having my mind full with little less important facts, which I get during my days nowadays.
  2. find a job in Berlin - just being in Berlin, is of course really great, but it brings me nowhere. I really love to give a wonderful contribution to anything I believe in, a job at a wonderful and inspiring place. A place where I could be my creative self and be in contact with other people. This also means, it could be I stay longer and live in Berlin :)
  3. capture more situations where I find beauty - a lot of different things make me happy and I want to capture those more often. I want to explore different ways to make photos, in a way that the beauty I find, comes to front.
  4. buy a good (system) camera - not necessary for point 3, but something that I want for a really long time. Of course this needs practice, but that could be combined with looking for ways to capture beautiful situations.
  5. create a 'Marlon' life - moving to Berlin feels a bit like beginning from scratch, to something that I would love to call my life. This doesn't mean, I don't have a life at this moment. I have so many things that I really love and which are typically me.
  6. read more books - specifically biographies. Just take some time and read more! Besides that, I am convinced, you could learn something from everybody. Everybody has a story and something important to tell, those biographies are a gathering of inspiration by people I admire.
  7. find a place for my creativity - creativity is what keeps me going, during the day. In that case, I need things where I can use it for or inspire people. This could be during a job or with this blog.
  8. write more birthday cards - everybody loves to receive a card on their birthday, right? That's what I thought too.
  9. think about my health - how I daily feel depends a lot of times on what I ate. I need to keep in mind that food is a way to nourish my body. Keep eating the good food and enjoying it a lot, yes, a lot!
  10. workout - I really love to workout and oh my, that feeling afterwards is the best. So, when in Berlin, I need to find a way to put some kind of workout in my weekly routine.
  11. don't buy something that doesn't sparkly to me - buy less and only buy something when I am fully in love with it.
  12. get more tattoos - oh yes. Get a tattoo is always a good idea. I already have a list of tattoo-ideas, which definitely need to get shorter. Ha! I of course mean, those ideas must become reality ;-)

Specific or not, you can see those goals are about finding myself. It very hard for me that I don't control everything what is happening right now. What I do now, is that everything happens because it has to happen. Which means, the right things will happen and I'll find a way. This fact, creates peace to me. So, point 1, I'm on my way!

- Do you have any goals for 2017 or you just gonna see what happens?

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