interior advice

There is always a way to make your home match with yourself. A place where you can live, invite friends to, but also a place just to sit and think. It may be hard to create that place you have in mind, starting from scratch. - I am there to help you.

Home - a place where you can find peace. 

This peace is for someone loads of green plants, for the other person this is a white wall. Or maybe your biggest love is that really special jacket, which you always want to have around. In the process of creating that place you are looking for, it is important to me what aspects are the most important in your life. Before creating and changing your house, I need to get you know you better and what your expectations are.


What is most important?

- Environment

We definitively need to stop wasting our environment. In my opinion it is so important to take care of this planet. And where to start better, than with yourself? #maninthemirror 

- Money / Space

Nowadays we get less space for the price that we are paying. It is even more important how to use this space as practical as possible This means we need to use the space we have in the most practical way. 

Those two important aspects are the main keys for me to create your home. This is also where my creativity and solution-seeking mind kicks in. If you want to know what my further thoughts are about this all, then read this blog I wrote about it. 

What is the proces? 

First - a conversation about you. What are your expectations and who are you? 

Second - specs about the place, existing furniture and further details

Third - creative and solution thinking

Fourth - presentation and reflection

The biggest part is done and you have a solution to create the house of your dreams. But - there is more. I would love to help you with the realization. This means, going to a flea market, painting and even designing that custom made piece of furniture, you were always dreaming of. 

These steps are not part of the normal proces, but can be added if needed or wanted.

Fifth - preparations and shopping

Sixth - the big changing

Important information

If you are interested, I would love to hear how I can help you. Just send me message via:  [email protected] - and I will get back to you! 

Prices - these are in development