from portfolio website to offline portfolio

This website originally found its birth as a place where I could put my portfolio at. As I am always thinking about new ideas, this website is going to get bigger than only be as a place for my portfolio. It is going to be a place with a lot of inspiration, music, photos and travel experiences, in another post I will tell you more about my plans.

Back to my portfolio. A small part of this site will still contain a part of my portfolio, it will show projects with a short description. The full portfolio will be as an offline document, which will be always available. This availability was my biggest reason for this transformation. The previous portfolio website was, as you assume, only available when there was internet.

Long story short, I need inspiration to create my offline portfolio. This post is full of inspiration and tips, which I used to design and create my portfolio. (all pictures are found on my Pinterest)

Do you have a portfolio like these and what is your key-ingredient for your portfolio? 

3 years ago

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