festival report / Rock Werchter 2016

Rock Werchter. Werchter is in my eyes a perfect and beautiful place, which is in the beginning of July filled with music, friends and an atmosphere I really love. This year my fifth year, so cheers to that! Day by day I will take you with me to Werchter, to experience the festival the way I experienced it.

I wrote this report specially for 3FM and you can find the report in Dutch on their website.

Day 1.

It's 4 A.M.. Good morning lovely friends, off to Werchter! The rain showed his first trace by letting us wait in the traffic jam for about an hour, before arrive at the campsite. Within no time we are enjoying are first well deserved cold beer, after we settled. Let's start the fun by picking up a sandwich at our favorite spot on our way to the festival and next are the security gates.

While enjoying the Kaiser Chiefs we are on our way to our fixed spot on the festival terrain, put our canvas on the ground and let's enjoy! Very quickly the canvas has a place above our heads, that means rain. Very cosy and we have Jake Bugg for the good music. Rain is over and the canvas has found it's original place again. But then, "is that you, Marlon?" No not me there, looks like my mom joined us too.

Gutterdämmerung, I think you don't have a clue what this is, right? [me neither] It is something new, a silent movie supported by a live band. It contained a lot of hard-rock classics, which made it okay you don't understand the clue of the story, but enjoyed the performed fully! After the movie, 100 meter to the right, Wouter and I jumped into a loaded tent to put our hands in the air on the music by Flume.

Rob and Suzanne thinking about the following issue: (which is even better in Dutch) Which Beatle doesn't play cards? Crap! We aren't gonna play some cards this evening, because it is time for the next artist on stage: Paul McCartney! I was singing along with all the Beatles songs and Paul himself was visible enjoyed it too.

Up next are Years & Years, last year they made the tent jump around, but didn't it sound on point. On all aspects they were better this year. A fantastic and energetic show, where I was dancing my feet off and singing my lungs out. The final performance this day was Disclosure, who has asked for my last energy and dancing skills [ifsofar they were there]. Perfect start of this weekend, off to tomorrow.

Day 2.

Another day full of rain?! In all of the five years that I am visiting Rock Werchter, this is the first time a rain poncho is part of my daily essentials. From are home base, Camping C7, we are walking a wonderful route to the festival terrain. With a stop to enjoy a Kriekje (a cherry beer) half way, perfect start of this day!

The Belgians from Black Box Revelation are the musical beginning of this day and give us a banging show. The rain doesn't stop, so we decide to enjoy Trixie Whitley in the dirt, covered by a rain poncho. This year no Robert Plant, but I'll go for some fan-girling at The 1975. Matty grabs a wine and it is pleasant to see the boys again, but this time with their new album. Back at our fixed spot at the terrain, the only thing I can concluded is that my friends know exactly what I like in a man. James Bay/Gay came by and I got linked. Which by the way resulted in a good conversation about music.

Time for something totally different, Rammstein! Three year ago I was fully blown away by these guys and the craziness of this band wasn't less this year. This was again an amazing show with a lot of guitar and fireworks. With this banging end, we are off to tomorrow.

Day 3.

On this particular Saturday, one name is written in as big as possible in my dairy: Kensington! Yes, my moaties (friends) from Kensington coming to Werchter. This means a stressing and fast walk to the terrain. With all hurry we settle us in the front box at the main stage, where we need our poncho for a second. Since the first sounds reach our ears, the sun figuratively and literally begun to shine. No I'm not Done With It at all. This band continues to charm the whole crowd and they enjoying it themselves.

All the pressure in gone, partly by the beautiful voice of Glenn Hansard, who's bringing us a moment of peace and is the discovery of Rock Werchter 2016 for us. This man mixes country with guitar songs en gets you with every note. Chad Smith comes along to play a few notes. Back to our fixed spot, because Werchter is back the way I know it, which means beer in our hands and at lot of sunshine. The Two Door Cinema Club supports this with their fully suitable music, perfect!

Goose - more publicity for them please - and the beginning of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are, for me, opening for Tame Impala. Those men know exactly how to use a festival tent. Beautiful songs with a light show, which made you feel part of the performance.

Did you think my peak of the day already happened? Then you're wrong. Editors, a band which is for me connected to Wendy and Werchter. Shoulder to shoulder we stand on our platform made of sand. We are singing out loud and enjoying our fifth anniversary to the fullest by looking into the bright eyes from Tom Smith. Perfect, yeah this was more than perfect!

The way back you could spot twelve party people walking their route to the campsite. Everybody is enjoying [or maybe not, but we did :-)] their versions of many different 80's and 90's hits. Once at the campsite, they toasting with another Kriekje on this amazing day!

Day 4.

Ha! We start this day with some more sun. Would sunday make it's name proud? James Bay is going to help with that. Last year the tent seem to be too small for the guitar hero. He is shining on the Main Stage and no lack of guitar solo's, what makes the man special to me. Cecile is going to sit in my neck and it we are totally enjoying it.

Up next is time for a beer with Iggy Pop and off to Foals, who are bringing us their catchy songs. Then it's time for me to fix myself in the front box of the main stage, where The Last Shadow Puppets will perform. Those guys know exactly how a chemical reaction should sound, because that's what is was. Sex, nothing more, nothing less.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis take an other path: Macklemore is applying for a job as president and everybody agrees. Besides that, they have a comic to support their mega hit, Thrift Shop.

The time flies by, it's time for the last act of this years edition. Florence gives together with her Machine the last magical chords. The end doesn't bang, but that's where the fireworks are for.

Finally it's time for the pyro's of the group: they are in search for paper, canvas and everything else what could possibly burn. After a lot of attempts we are dancing and singing on or way to the last night in our tents. Bye beautiful festival terrain, see you next year!

Day 5. 

We wake up with nothing but people who are cleaning and packing their stuff. Not for us, we take it slow and first enjoy a good cup of coffee and some food. After that, it's time for us to pack our stuff and clean our spot. Traditionally we are leaving the campsite when there is nobody anymore. Off to Bornerbroek, where we end this weekend with a last toast!

With a big smile on my face I wrote this report, especially for 3FM. I am absolutely lucky with those lovely people (Wendy, Suzanne, Cecile, Kim, Maartje, Wouter, Chiel, Wouter, René, Bram en Rob), who made this weekend more than wonderful! Also, many thanks to Rock Werchter, who has booked my favorite artists and bands.

Rock Werchter, forever a place in my heart! 

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  2. Hey! I am looking to go to the festival this year and was just wondering if you could help with the average prices of food/drink there?

    Great post!

    1. Hi Hannah, thanks for your comment. Of course I could help you with that, do you have any specific questions about those? Normally the prices for one coupon is €3 if you pay with cash, with card you pay €2,75 and if you buy them in advance, you pay €2,50. At the festival site you pay with those and it depends on what you buy, how much you need to pay. Hope this helps you a bit.
      And whenever in doubt about going, just go! You will never regret :) Love, Marlon

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