Dick Moby / sustainable sunglasses

Design a packaging for a random product, which should totally fits the product.

This assignment brought me more than I expected.

By my search for a relevant product, I found Dick Moby and their story. The sustainable sunglasses are made out of bio-plastic acetate and 10% of their revenu will go to the Surfriders Foundation. Besides that, the sunglasses have a awesome design and are featured by lenses of ZEISS.

After contacting the boys behind this cool brand, Tim and Robbert, I visited them several times. My own vision combined with their ideas leads to some concepts and a definitive packaging. This is not the packaging just for the sunglasses, but it will be used in the stores where the sunglasses will be sold.

A presentation packaging. That’s what it is become.

This packaging shows what the sunglasses are made of. It shows immediately the essence of the sunglasses, without being overwhelming.

Since we have kept the contact with each other, I was able to see more of their journey during the process of product design. Which was very interesting. I even helped them with making wooden logo signs, to use in the stores.

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4 years ago

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