concert / Jett Rebel at EKKO Utrecht 28/08/2016

A Sunday evening well spend, is a pretty good end of a weekend. This is just a little understatement of this wonderful ending of my weekend.

As you can guess, I was at the Jett Rebel concert at EKKO Utrecht. After a day of working I went to Utrecht for some food and a very special concert by Jett Rebel. I've seen this boy and his (changing) band a couple times, but this time was even more special. This was one of the 6 concerts he is doing in small venues through The Netherlands. He is performing with two other boys. Kees Schaper, who is playing drums and Xander Vrienten, on the bass.

Besides that, this guy has a special place in my heart. I have spoken to him a couple times and did a interview for Reurpop, two years ago. Since I am very into persons birthdays and constellation, we have a connection. Jelte Tuinstra, is just some days older than me, which makes it, that I am seeing some similarities between us.

But, music - that is what this is all about.

I came to Utrecht for this special concert at a very small venue, called EKKO. This place has a capacity of 300 people, which is not much for a venue and a artist like Jett Rebel. Once inside, you directly feel the cosiness of such a small place. People were happy and looking for a place to enjoy the show. One thing I didn't expect, was the fact that you had enough space for yourself. I have been to concerts where the place was loaded and you didn't have space to move. This place was just pleasant packed!

By EKKO Utrecht

After a instrumental intro, Jelte began to sing alone on stage, The Sound Of Music-soundtrack. Then, the show started with some new tunes. With an fresh released album, it was amazing that some many people sing along with those songs. The vibe was directly switched on and it seemed everybody was feeling it. Nobody wasn't moving and sweating.

The three guys were enjoying it also, they made a lot of fun and were rocking their asses off.

A show full of Rock 'n Roll, from old to new songs, all of them came by. The Knack and ABBA got a new interpretation and even the bass player and the drummer got their spot to sing a song. Both of them were killing it. It was definitely a show were was everything possible, even the switch between Jett Rebels spot (=guitar) and the bass player, which worked out perfect.

The end was planned to be at 11 P.M. and this time, Jelte stopped perfectly on time. Most of the time he keeps going, but because of the silence requirement of the venue, he had to stop. Sad, but okay, I enjoyed it definitely to the fullest!

I can look back at this show with an enormously big smile, this was one of the best shows I have even been to. And I have been to a lot of shows hehe. So, my advice is, go check that dude while he is still in The Netherlands, or wait for him to perform around the world. Jett Rebel you rock! 

- Have you already been to a show by Jett Rebel? 

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