analog / lucky moments

how cheesy yes – when i look at all these pics, there’s one main subject and that is love. all…

2 months ago

photo report #23 / summer walk

Some weekends are for chilling, enjoying the sun and evening walks. This results in beautiful shadows and a marvellous ending…

2 months ago

analog / random beauty

No specific subject. Just random shots of beauty in Berlin. Hope you like them.

4 months ago

analog / black and white

After some color films, it was time for black and white. At the most sunny days i took the camera…

5 months ago

analog / berlin life

That analog vibe totally got me. I love to take the analog camera with me all the time and click…

6 months ago

analog / #gelbeliebe

Sometimes things come weirdly enough together. This happens with yellow and me. For maybe 10 years or so, yellow always…

8 months ago