Hello to the things that I want to do this year. One of those things is experimenting with photography. That combined with my interest in analog photography resulted in buying an analog camera. Canon T70 is his name. He is looking very pretty and has a eye for beautiful things.

Before we could combine our powers, this guy needed some space to save all those beautiful moments we are gonna catch together. On a cold, but pretty Sunday, we went for our first walk. This smart guy helps me with choosing the right settings, so that we capture the moments like we had in mind.

It was fun and interesting. I need to think more about the settings on the camera, than just check in the viewfinder how the photo will become. The evening before our Sunday walk, I read the whole manual of the camera. Besides fun - it's a 1984 camera - it was really clear and understandable written down. This has a positive effect on me when I take photos with the Fuji one.

After pressing that shutter button for 36 times, it was time to develop the film. Exciting! I can tell you, I just fell in love with the whole process. As a little child (mmm or am I still a little child) I couldn't wait to pick of the photos and check them.

Today was that day and I am positively surprised. They developed even better than I expected of this test. Hopefully me and my Canon friend, can build further on our relationship. Could be that you are a little curious about the photos we made. That is why you can find them all here. In order we've shot them.

- What do you think of them? Do you have a great theme or subject to spend a film about, I would love to hear it!

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