analog / test round 2

Another test round with my new friend. After receiving the first film of this camera (you can check the photos here), I saw what I did while taking these pictures. Of course I was not sure which exact settings I used, but the focussing is a part where I could work on. I directly kept that in mind, while walking around with the second film. 

The next analog serie(s) will be with a theme. I like the fact that you think more before making a picture. I already do this more with the analog camera, but a theme will make me think even more. While having this theme in my mind, I'm constantly looking for a composition that will fit in. 

I am not gonna tell what the theme will be, but people who know me, can probably guess what the theme will be. And no, it is not classic cars/vehicles. 

- If you have some nice theme-ideas, definitely let me know. 

10 months ago

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