analog / on a boat, Tucker and Rock Werchter

This analog report will tell you all about the things i did the last couple weeks.

Starting with some details and chilling on an inflatable boat. We drove a bit on the Landwehrkanal, something i can recommend any person living in Berlin. After that, i enjoyed a BBQ version of the Bite Club, together with Marjolein and Kai. A good start of my vacation.

My vacation continued in the Netherlands, with a lovely photoshoot. Of course with my favourite model, Tucker! Doesn't he look gorgeous?

Then, finally it was time to travel to my second home, Werchter! It was time for Rock Werchter, where i among other James Bay, Pearl Jam, the Amazons, the Killers, the Arctic Monkeys saw. I had to think several times if i would take this analog friend with me. Finally i decided to take him two days with me. At the second day they started to not like the fact that i took a camera with a changeable lens with me. So, after that day i thought it was better to avoid another discussing at let him 'at home'. Beside that, i am very happy that i took the camera with me on the terrain! What do you think?

Coming back in Bornerbroek, we visited Delden, which is a beautiful old, very Dutch, city. Not because of that, but because we had to pick-up some Chinese food (yay, my favourite). And yup, that was the happy end.

1 year ago

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