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Sometimes things come weirdly enough together. This happens with yellow and me. For maybe 10 years or so, yellow always got a little more attention to me. Since that time people started to notice. I don't gather only yellow around me, that would be too much, definitely. Think about socks, a light or eating only the yellow m&m's. When it's to obvious, it is a no for me.

How funny that Berlin seems to be the city where you can find yellow everywhere. From the BVG to mailboxes or some classic cars. There even is a german hashtag on Instagram: #gelbeliebe.

This even gets better. While I got to know somebody with the same love for yellow. Some time after we got to know each other, we talked about the love for yellow, beside our other loves in and around Berlin. It is great and funny to have somebody who totally understand the attractive vibe that yellow has. Yay, Marjolein, happy to share this love with you! 

And now, back to the analog photos. I want to make themes of every new film. So, where do I start with? Difficult question. Well, not that difficult. The first thing that popped in my mind was #gelbeliebe. What other theme than yellow?! - hope you enjoy them. 

3 weeks ago

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