Hi, I am Marlon Schipper. Nice to meet you!


This blog/webshop/design bureau is found by me and gives a look into different parts of my life. I love to think about design, art, music, traveling and life. Things that set my mind on fire I will share with you. 


On this website you will find furniture, creative thoughts, vinyl design and blog posts. 


Besides that, I am a designer. I studied Product Design and during this education I developed a high interest for sustainability and products with a story. I think, this adds value to a product and creates a bonding between customer and product. With everything I create, I will add some cool facts or something to think about. 

My graduation project was all about furniture and sustainability, which I did in collaboration with Hülsta (DE). Other projects and stuff I created could be found on the portfolio page. I always keep thinking about solutions and design is a big influence in my life. Together with the story, design gives life to a product. Besides that, it gives me inspiration in every kind of way, which sets my mood and brings me new ideas. 

Music is another big passion of mine, which supports me in every kind of way I need it. The positive person I generally am, gets even more positive, when I am listening to music or visiting a concert or buying some new vinyl records. Besides the influence of music, I am also on the hunt for the perfect solution to bring music and design together. 

- Without a positive and humorous vibe the day isn't complete. So, enjoy today and repeat tomorrow. -  


When I am the person who you want to collaborate with or when you have a perfect idea for me, I am always interested and you can contact be by using the following form.