We might all gonna die this year. Yes - could happen. Which makes it even better to think about the things you want to do or achieve. Last year, I also made such a list to give myself some guidelines (am I the only one who thinks about Pirates of the Caribbean when reading/writing this word?) and motivation through the year.

This definitely doesn't have to be game of winning and losing. It's about giving yourself motivation when you have no clue. Which seems to happenĀ a lot to me. I love the fact of going with the flow of life, but since there are too many things that need my attention, it's good make some priorities. And still, life just goes the way it has to go.

Besides personal stuff, there are things that I just want to do or where I want to go.

  • a real vacation - since 7 years, my every year vacation is going to Rock Werchter and a trip to Berlin. Perfect, but I want to discover more of this beautiful world. This could start with just a short trip somewhere, or it might turn out to be something totally different.
  • open a Etsy shop - a spot where I can sell a part of my creativity. There is some dream that I would love to have my own (physical) spot where I can sell stuff I make, create, find or I find beauty in. I see it as a place where you also can chill, drink some coffee and eat delicious pie (check Eva's delicious pie's to dream away with me - here). At Etsy you can sell your stuff to the whole wide world, which is for me the best first step - I will definitely let you know when it's there!
  • outside AB zone - Berlin is big. It is comfortable to stay in your own bezirk, since there is mostly everything you need. I always get really inspired when I go out of this zone and just wander around. For that reason, I don't have to go outside the AB zone, but there is so much to explore, that I would love to go outside that zone myself. So, if anyone has some tips, throw them at me!
  • stil in berin map - Stil In Berlin is a website about Berlin, where you mostly can find a lot about food and nice places in Berlin. She developed a map with her favorite spots in the city. A good reason to try a lot of these spots. Also throw me a message, when you definitely want to try something together with me.
  • Teufelsberg in summer - you can see photos of this wonderful place here. I love to hang out at that place longer, with different weather circumstances. Besides summer I want to go there with snow.
  • try more with camera - I want to experiment more with the camera. Make photos when it is dark or at unusual places. Just walking around and making photos is great, but there is more to create with a camera.
  • selling at flohmarket - I have enough stuff (I mean clothes and shoes) that I don't wear, why not make anybody else happy with it? In the summer I want to sell a lot of this on a flohmarket. First I have to wait until I have more unused clothes and shoes over here, which I still have at my parents place. Also for this, I will let you know when it's the big day, maybe after that, you are shining with a real 'Marlon'-piece hehe.
  • David Bowie tour - that David Bowie lived in Berlin, it something you probably already knew. Beside a David Bowie week, during the whole year they organize David Bowie tours, to guide and explain you more about his live here.
  • make more walks - a sunday stroll is one of my favorite things. Mostly (or always) I walk along the Landwehrkanal, a place which gives me peace and space to think. I still wanna do that, but also want to walk on places where I haven't been.
  • instead of beer, drink more red wine - yes, every night one bottle of wine. No - that is not something I prefer. Since the nice wine evenings at Kai and Marjoleins, I seem to like wine more and when I feel like it, I drink some at home. That's nice, since I am a person that not really like to drink alcohol just by myself at home. But - if you see me with a bottle of wine on the couch, every day, please give me a big bump or hit me with that wine bottle.
  • concerts - that I love concerts is not a secret. Alone, with friends or my dad, doesn't matter. It is always a good idea to buy tickets and just go to more concerts. There are two specific goals in this case. The band that makes me feel like I am in heaven is Kensington. So, I definitely need to plan a concert by them soon. Or guys, if you, for some reason, read this, come to Berlin. The other specific goal is to go to a concert with my loveliest dad. I used to go several times in a year to a concert with him and we already saw the most beautiful concerts together (read: Don Henley).

Some things need more time than just one year. Here I have some goals for the upcoming years. Or these might be goals for the rest of my life.

  • get more tattoos - always a good idea
  • writing birthday cards - create a smile with a piece of paper or just some warmth by burning it
  • vinyl is always a good idea - don't know what to do with money? Just buy a record Marlon (or buy a record for me, I won't complain)
  • concerts, because they make me happy - besides the already written concerts goals, I have to remind myself that concerts are always a good idea
  • always take the slide - think this doesn't need an explanation, just take the slide

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